Planning a Great Hen’s Night with the Bridesmaid Slot Game

There are many different activities that make up a wedding. One of these is the hen’s party. This means all the ladies are going to get together in celebration of the bride being single for the last time.

There are lots of things that can be planned for the hen’s party, and one of these would be to get the group to join an online casino tournament and enjoy some slot play on the Bridesmaid slot game. They can choose to play this game for free or for real money. It is a most fitting activity to celebrate the upcoming wedding.

The Bridesmaid Slot game first came out in 2011, and was provided by Microgaming software providers. The theme revolves around the movie “Bridesmaids’ which makes it even more appealing. This is a simple video slot game with four rows and five reels that offer forty pay lines. For those that want to play with real money, there are different betting options. There are some additional bonus games that come with the Bridesmaid slot game that keep everyone intrigued and excited. It has four bonus features so everyone playing the game is full of anticipation. These features can be activated through the bonus wheel. The chances of winning some substantial money is at its highest when the bonus wheel is activated.

If you want to run a contest for this game play at your Hen’s party, it would be easy to do. Just give your guests a specific period of time to play in, to see who can rack up the most points or winnings. You could then give the winner a special prize.

Although you may be introducing the Hens at your party to this Bridesmaid slot game, you can almost bet on them playing it themselves in the future whenever they get a chance to.

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