Planning a Simple Wedding

So it is time for you to plan your wedding. This certainly will be an exciting time in your life, and one of the most important events that you will ever participate in. While this is going to be fun, it can also be a little overwhelming and expensive if you let it get out of hand.

Many “soon to be wed” couples find that they would rather have a simple wedding then go to the huge expense of an elaborate one. This can easily be done, and it can be every bit as nice as an expensive wedding.

Plan your Theme

Even though your wedding is going to be small, you will still want to have a theme, or at least decide whether it is going to be casual or traditional. You will find that a casual choice will save you even more money, because you don’t need to be as elaborate with your wedding attire or your reception.

Your Wedding Party

With a simple wedding choice, you will probably just want to have a bridesmaid and a best man. These are the two individuals who sign as the witnesses to your marriage.

Your Attire

If you have gone with a casual wedding theme, then your dress can be simple, and any color that you choose. The groom can go with a basic business style suit. If you have gone traditional, then think about renting your wedding attire, or buying a gently used wedding dress.

The Reception

To really keep your wedding event simple, think about having a backyard wedding. This way your ceremony and reception can be conducted all in one place. You could consider having a buffet style meal which is a cost saver, or even a barbecue, as most likely your guest list will be quite small.

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